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Family Gathering 2023

Illustration, event design Family gathering Adi Giora designs

For this yearly family gathering, my primary focus revolved around the concept of a family tree, which served as the cornerstone of the event's design. Drawing inspiration from the blossoming beauty of spring, I crafted a captivating family tree that symbolized deep roots and flourishing connections.

Being a part of a large German family, organizing the schedule held paramount importance. I created a flyer that seamlessly integrated the family tree, the day's schedule, and a map of the day's hike. This comprehensive design ensured that every family member could easily navigate the day's activities and experience the joy of our shared adventure.

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Uschi Homann

"The event was truly delightful, and Adi's design added an extra touch of uniqueness to this year's gathering. The hike, the food, and the family tree were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, creating a perfect blend of joy and togetherness."

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