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What do I offer?

Brand Design

The art of brand design involves comprehending the essence of a brand, and crafting a visual language that resonates with its core values. I offer consultation to uncover your brand's identity or interpret your pre-existing values into a cohesive visual language. This language may encompass color schemes, typography, layout, shapes, photographic styles, icons, illustrations, websites, and social media templates, tailored to your unique brand and platform.

Berlin 100

Brand Design Berlin 100 Icon  Adi Giora Website

This project emerged from a collaborative effort between the Berlin City Council and UdK (Universität der Künste Berlin).


Berlination Brand Design Berlin 100 Icon  Adi Giora Website

The illustrated blog I developed as my master's thesis centers on the immigrant experience in Berlin.

Piccolo Festival

Piccolo Festival Brand Design Berlin 100 Icon  Adi Giora Website

This project stands as the culmination of my undergraduate studies, showcasing my passion for making classical music.


Hemda Giora

Herda Giora Website  & Branding  Brand Design Berlin 100 Icon  Adi Giora Website

Crafting a branding strategy for a couples therapist demanded a nuanced and strategic approach.

Received the "Alef Alef Alef Award" for a commendable graduation project in the field of Hebrew typography and design. The project, "Piccolo”.

Alef Alef Alef Award

Review piccolo award Alef Alef Alef Award Adi Giora graphic designer Brand Design

Happy Clients

“Your creative idea, the original execution as well as the strong communicative quality convinced not only the jury but also me personally."

Review Michael Mueller mayor of Berlin Adi Giora graphic designer Brand Design

Michael Müller,

former mayor of Berlin

"I hired Adi to update my website and brand. She was very attentive to my needs, professional, and completed the project quickly. Adi communicated well with the web developer and delivered an exceptional outcome. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her services."

Hemda Giora,

couples and sex therapist

Review Hemda Giora Hemda Giora,  couples and sex therapist Adi Brand Design
Illustration Symbol white

Graphic Design

Defining the essence of graphic design can prove to be a challenging task. In my professional opinion, graphic design encompasses the artistic application of typography and layout in various mediums. The expansive nature of this medium enables me to design a multitude of print items such as catalogs, flyers, magazines, and business cards, as well as digital assets such as website designs, social media templates, and merchandise such as T-shirts. While I am capable of designing websites, I specialize exclusively in design and am not proficient in programming.


Graphic Design Icon Adi Giora Website

For over seven years, I have been an integral part of Pickmotion GmbH, having played a crucial role in establishing and developing the brand

Adi's Website Graphic Design Icon Adi Giora Website

Coming Soon

Adi's Website

In crafting my personal website design, I placed myself at the heart of it all. Engaging my services means receiving my skills, innovation, and creativity.

Happy Clients

Yellow Frame Small

Adi's remarkable talent as a graphic designer was evident from the very start. She exhibited a fearless enthusiasm in sharing her ideas, and brought them into reality in most times but nevertheless was never disheartened when others opted for a different approach. It was always a pleasure to collaborate with Adi, as she consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism. During our extensive time working together, Adi played a significant role in training numerous graphic designers to design within Pickmotion's brand aesthetic.

Lorenz Hartmann,

CEO of Pickmotion

Review Lorenz Hartmann Graphic Design Adi Giora
Brand design white symbol
Illustration Symbol white

Event Design

Event design shares similarities with brand design, albeit on a smaller scale. From choosing the event aesthetics such as boho chic, floral or 80's rock, to collecting ideas on Pinterest, I will guide you from the start. I can design everything you need for your event, from invitations to menus, thank-you postcards, table signs, and RSVP cards. Even after the event, I can create a bespoke photo album to capture your cherished memories.



Wedding Invite Icon circle Event Design wedding invitations Adi Giora Graphic Design Icon Adi Giora Website

Given complete creative freedom, I aimed to convey a sense of rebirth and renewal, reminiscent of the spring season.

Family gatherings icon Event Design Adi Giora Website

Family Gatherings

For this yearly family gathering, my primary focus revolved around the concept of a family tree, which served as the cornerstone of the event's design.


Birthday Design

Birthday invitations temporary tatoosicon Event Design Adi Giora Website Designs

To celebrate David's 40th birthday, I wanted to capture his playful personality and evoke memories of childhood birthdays.

 “Adi is a committed graphic designer and illustrator I can absolutely recommend her services. She listens well and then finds the most brilliant solution. We got so many compliments about our wedding invitation and it will always be a dear memory to us!”

Review Silvia Jackson Event Design Adi Giora Graphic Designer

Silvia Jackson

Happy Clients

“Adi designed our beautiful wedding invitation. We didn’t know what we wanted at the time so the whole concept was hers. She tailored it perfectly to reflect our love, relationship, and personalities. She was attentive, professional, and of course extremely talented. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Inbar Riba Roitblat Event Design Adi Giora Graphic Designer

Inbar Riba Roitblat

"Adi did an amazing job designing my birthday party invitations and temporary tattoos. She was professional, easy to communicate with, and took my ideas into consideration. Adi's creativity and attention to detail were impressive and she made sure I was completely satisfied with her work. I highly  recommend Adi for anyone looking for a talented and professional designer. Thank you, Adi, for making my birthday party unforgettable!”

David Führer

Review David Fuehrer Event Design Adi Giora Graphic Designer
brand design symbol white


Illustration is not just a hobby for me, it's a passion that helps me navigate difficult moments in my life and express my creativity. I've always enjoyed creating illustrations for my friends and family, and now I'm eager to expand my skills in a professional capacity. If you have an upcoming project that requires illustration, I would be thrilled to be a part of it.My style is highly graphic, incorporating bold colors and drawing inspiration from printmaking techniques and collages. While my style is distinctive, I am open to adjusting it to meet your specific needs (within my skill set, of course). Please don't hesitate to reach out if you think my style would be a good fit for your project. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tales Of A Single Girl In Berlin Comic cartoon Illustration Adi Giora Graphic designer icon Illustration

single gal

in Berlin

Tales of a

Given complete creative freedom, I aimed to convey a sense of rebirth and renewal, reminiscent of the spring season.

Pet Portraits animals cute Illustration Adi Giora Illustration icon

Pets Portraits

I had the distinct honor of being commissioned to create a couple of beloved pet portraits.

Rooted in Isreal Illustration Adi Giora Posters Graphic Designer icon

Rooted in


I've crafted a series of bold and vibrant posters inspired by the plant life and culture of Israel.

Illustration Don't Posters Animals slogans Adi Giora Graphic Designer icon

DON’T Posters

I've created a series of motivational posters featuring musical animals and hand-drawn typography.

Illustration Holiday greetings postcards cards Holiday website icon Adi Giora designs



Throughout the years, I have created a diverse selection of postcards for various holidays.

Red Frame Red

"Throughout the last couple of years, I had the honor of becoming the owner of a few of Adi’s artworks. They all share a common style and provoking sense of humor and emotion. None touched my heart as the costume made a portrait of my partner and my dog. She captured his unique character, the sparkle he had in his eyes, and through her beautiful art, we have a memory of our dog to keep with us.”

Review Daphna Haberfeld Adi Giora Graphic Designer Illustration

Daphna Haberfeld 

Happy Clients

Red Frame Red

“I commissioned Adi to design an illustration for a Rosh Hashana greeting card, intended for my business clientele. Collaborating closely, we conceptualized the project and Adi was able to bring my vision to fruition with a stunning and singularly unique design. The experience of working alongside Adi was exceptionally agreeable, and the resulting card was met with resounding enthusiasm from its recipients.”

Michal Rosenzweig

Red Frame Red

“I recently acquired the complete set of Adi's "Don't" posters,  the posters have brought a delightful touch of humor and color to the space, and my children have taken a particular liking to them. The quality of the posters is excellent, and I appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship that went into their design. Overall, I would recommend Adi's work to others seeking high-quality and engaging artwork for their home or office.

Noa Kelner

Review Noa_Kelner Adi Giora Graphic Designer Illustration
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