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Pets Portraits

I had the distinct honor of being commissioned to create a couple of beloved pet portraits, a task which I approached with utmost care and attention to detail. Through my creative process, I aimed to capture the unique personalities and endearing qualities of each cherished animal and to create lasting mementos for their owners to treasure for years to come. 

Review Daphna Haberfeld Adi Giora Graphic Designer Illustration

Daphna Haberfeld

"Throughout the last couple of years, I had the honor of becoming the owner of a few of Adi’s artworks. They all share a common style and provoking sense of humor and emotion. None touched my heart as the costume made a portrait of my partner and my dog. She captured his unique character, the sparkle he had in his eyes, and through her beautiful art, we have a memory of our dog to keep with us.”

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