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Wedding Invitations

Inbar & Avishay

The process of crafting Inbar and Avishai's wedding invitation was a delightfully engaging endeavor. Deliberating their preferences, we aimed to encapsulate their individuality as well as their unique synergy. The whimsical concept we landed on involved selecting symbols that resonated with both their identities and relationship, ultimately achieving a vibrant and playful final product.

Inbar Riba Roitblat Event Design Adi Giora Graphic Designer invitation Illustration, event design, graphic design Adi Giora Weddings

Inbar Riba Roitblat

“Adi designed our beautiful wedding invitation. We didn’t know what we wanted at the time so the whole concept was hers. She tailored it perfectly to reflect our love, relationship, and personalities. She was attentive, professional, and of course extremely talented. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Sivan & Rotem

My work with Sivan and Rotem's wedding preparations extended beyond just designing their invitations. Alongside crafting bespoke print and email invitations, I also created a charming thank-you sticker for their gift bags and a distinctive frame for their photo magnets. The final design that they selected was a personalized collage featuring the couple and their cat, which inspired me to develop a cohesive visual language for other design elements, ensuring a seamless and harmonious overall aesthetic.

Silvia & David

Working on Silvia and David's wedding invitation was an absolute pleasure. To celebrate their special day, I crafted a gouache painting of the couple in their rustic wedding venue. Using a folding technique, I was able to create an enchanting scene that encapsulated the magic of their momentous occasion. Additionally, they were thrilled with my innovative idea of creating RSVP postcards in the form of a playful puzzle, which added a touch of whimsy to their celebrations.