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Pickmotion Catalog Art direction, Brand design, catalogs, flyers, social media templates, illustration, product design

For over seven years, I have been an integral part of Pickmotion GmbH, having played a crucial role in establishing and developing the brand. Starting as the sole graphic designer, I have since progressed to become the Art Director. As part of my responsibilities, I oversee the creation of new product collections, design marketing materials, including catalogs and trade shows, and shape the overall brand identity. In addition, I also contributed to many of our illustrated products. 

Catalog Design

Website Design

Product Design

Calendar Illustration

Review Lorenz Hartmann Graphic Design Adi Giora

Lorenz Hartmann

CEO of Pickmotion

"Adi's remarkable talent as a graphic designer was evident from the very start. She exhibited a fearless enthusiasm in sharing her ideas, and brought them into reality in most times but nevertheless was never disheartened when others opted for a different approach. It was always a pleasure to collaborate with Adi, as she consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism. During our extensive time working together, Adi played a significant role in training numerous graphic designers to design within Pickmotion's brand aesthetic."

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