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Piccolo Festival

piccolo Brand Design, Event Design, Graphic Design, Illustration Adi Goria Hemda Giora Branding

For over seven years, I have been an integral part of Pickmotion GmbH, having played a crucial role in establishing and developing the brand. Starting as the sole graphic designer, I have since progressed to become the Art Director. As part of my responsibilities, I oversee the creation of new product collections, design marketing materials, including catalogs and trade shows, and shape the overall brand identity. In addition, I also contributed to many of our illustrated products. 

Logo Design

Poster Design and Illustration

Festival Program


Review piccolo award Alef Alef Alef Award Adi Giora graphic designer Brand Design

Alef Alef Alef Award

Received the “Alef Alef Alef Award” for a commendable graduation project
in the field of Hebrew typography and design

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